Dedicated Servers

Affordable Dedicated Server Solutions

Dedicated server hosting makes a perfect choice for your business if you want to experience matchless website performance, data security and enhanced control of your computing resources.

Your dedicated server as the name implies, is dedicated to your business only and is not shared among multiple users. You can choose OS and hardware components according to your requirements. In addition you get management services that free you from the hassles of server management. All orders will be setup within 24-48 hrs.

Cores Memory Disk Space Bandwidth Location Price
Dual Opteron 2210 4 Cores 4 GB 2x250 GB 20 TB USA $150 pm Order
Dual Xeon 5420 8 Cores 16 GB 1 TB 20 TB USA $160 pm Order
Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 4 Cores/8 Threads 16 GB 250 GB 20 TB USA $200 pm Order
Intel Xeon 5650 Dual 12 Core/24 Threads 8 GB 500 GB 20 TB USA $250 pm Order
Dual Xeon 5639 12 Core/24 Threads 8 GB 500 GB 20 TB USA $270 pm Order
Xeon E5-2620 6 Cores/8 Threads 16 GB 1 TB 20 TB USA $300 pm Order

More Features

You will get lot of features with flathost



We are focused on providing highly reliable, ultra low latency network connectivity, suitable for any application. Our datacenter is fed by redundant fiber feeds from Hurricane Electric, Cogent Communications.


Power Supply

Our datacenter is fed by three power components critical to datacenter infrastructure. We have sufficient UPS battery strength to assure continuity of power to the entire colocation and dedicated server facility.


Monthly Contracts

To limit your financial risk, if you are a Heart Internet Reseller customer you will automatically get our month-to-month contract and billing cycle with no commitment beyond that month.



Access within the facility is controlled by biometric scanners, and monitored 24/7/365 by security cameras. Every doorway, both at the entrance of the facility and within, are secured using biometric hand scanners and monitored with video surveillance.